He could be the fresh new oldest out of their brothers and considered the latest best

Personality [ ]

Their attacks themes depend on intelligence and you can power (of which sometimes raw). Automatically, his more youthful brothers turn to him for a sense of information. In-being the new eldest ninja out-of their brothers, he is short to grab brand new charms regarding almost every other teenaged ladies in the flicks. They have had an intimate need for all of the motion picture regarding the team except during the step three Ninjas Knuckle Upwards and therefore Jo became this new intimate attract of his younger cousin, Colt much so you’re able to their treat. Much like Leonardo of the Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles, he and also the capability to reflect, envision deep, and you may gain understanding to your condition. Much like Donatello of your Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugged ‘s the minimum going to start a physical altercation. 

Rocky uses their enviroment well, this is exhibited well in the first film as he got their brothers and you can himself to flee the newest prison cellphone by using the phone. 

Particularly Donetello of your Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles. Rocky exhibited in the 1st movie he’s got experiences with a great bo employees, Rugged shows his knowledge that have nun chucks and you may sword however, Rocky’s signature gun inside the Highest Noon within Mega Hill was a spiked yo-yo. 

Their trademark color is actually green, in the first flick it’s a consistent eco-friendly, in the knuckle up and relax it absolutely was a much lighter environmentally friendly, whilst in Highnoon at the Mega Mountain it was grey.  

Rocky’s major exhaustion is actually his confidence, the guy battled which have becoming a showcase and also have battled having keeping his rely on and you may concentration around women the guy wants. 

Rocky is one of the main protagonists on PAW Patrol collection. He could be a male mixed reproduce Environmentally pup while the fifth member of brand new PAW Patrol. It’s unfamiliar what their true types are. His top goal is by using recycled items to develop busted items such drinking water towers and you will sports requires.


Rocky is a recycling puppy. Their fundamental color is actually green. He or she is a crossbreed/mix-breed Eco pup who usually provides one thing to augment problems. Rugged spends his useful claw to grab pieces that’ll end up being recycled and use him or her for other motives.

Nick Jr Malfunction

Rugged are a combination-breed puppy that usually provides seriöse singlebörsen ab 40 kostenlos convenient resources. He could be a passionate recycling cleanup canine having 1000 suggestions and you can devices within their dog-prepare.


Rugged try an imaginative Environmentally-dog. He reduces, reuses, and recycles anything he can select. He could be some wise, as he will tools products out from the materials within his vehicle. He cannot just use his personal information, though; in the event the something’s sleeping up to, he’ll get a hold of a better explore because of it. He could be imaginative in which he always comes with the right content getting fixing things. Second so you can Ryder, their physical understand-just how is best and then he fixes whatever’s busted or malfunctioning.

Rocky enjoys aquaphobia (the fear from liquids), that will be constantly delivering moist while the a flowing gag, much so you can his dismay. As a result, he despises delivering baths and that’s determined to eliminate them, so you’re able to Katie’s chagrin. He’s going to deal with that worry to aid other people at risk, however, he cannot seem to conquer they forever. But not, he accepts becoming damp assuming he’s became a good mer-puppy or when he could be into the a scuba diving clothes. Their cause is that he could be in a position to breathe underwater since the a good mer-pup, hence he’s dry in his diving fit.

He is alternatively open-inclined. Even in the event Marshall and you will Zuma is actually associated with the drinking water, he or she is close friends with these people. He may rating exasperated having Marshall eventually jet him, but they are quick so you can forgive your regarding. He’s just as playful because the almost every other puppies when out-of-duty.